Friday, June 11, 2010

Russian blogs. Blogs in Russian.

Every time people mention how they have increased the amount of foreign language input they get from their blogs (the ones they read that is) I always think that, hey, that's a great idea, but I never do anything about it. Because looking for blogs can be tiresome and I try to avoid browsing as much as possible. However, there is The Forum, where there are people who can recommend things. I finally decided to add some Russian blogs to my blog roll, so I asked for some recommendations from the fellow language enthusiasts on the forum. Lindley recommended some Russian blogs, and through them I found some others. All of a sudden I'm reading much more Russian, and I'm writing a little bit more as well since the blogs are very interesting and I often have something to say on them :-) I have posted these links on the forum as well, they (and other links) can be found here, but I thought I would crosspost it on the blog as well.
- I don't think this blog is about any language in particular, and I haven't read that many old posts yet, but it looks very good! - this blog seems to deal with Esperanto, but also with language related things in general, and it seems to be updated very regularly. It also looks very interesting.
- quite a lot about English!

I can't remember how I found this blog, but I find it amusing: - "a blog for women, and for men who understand them" - a blog with lots of short articles about... just about anything related to beauty, health and so on.

And I gladly accept recommendations for more blogs! (As long as it's not about English.)

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  1. I really wish I could find more French blogs I like. :( Aside from a couple of BD blogs, the only French blogs I sites I read are and There are so many other places I go on the internet that I wish were in French. Language blogs, for instance: I only have one French language learning blog in Google Reader. I wish there was a French Lifehacker, or Reddit, or any number of sites I spend time on. There just isn't a French equivalent for them.

    For Dutch I've managed to find, which is ok.