Friday, December 24, 2010


In an attempt to very shortly illustrate my stay in Russia (not Russia in general), I have chosen a couple of photos. Adding as I find them!

Need I explain?

The law abiding citizens of Russia.

Churches. In cold places. Toes leaving this world in protest and me wondering why my winter shoes aren't more wintery.

Endless glasses of beer. Baltika, Nevskoe, my dear Dr. Diesel...

Food AND beer, and cheerful people.

Christmas decorations in unnatural, non-Christmas:y colours!

Nevskij prospekt, the eternal Nevskij prospect!

Drunken friends! Utterly Scandinavian, 4 Norwegians, one Dane and a Swede!

I ended the Paris photo post with me and Sasha. Quite appropriately, this photo post should end with my partner in crime in Russia, Maja, and me! Russian style :D

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