Friday, March 11, 2011

There was a sale on the sale and I am still a woman.

The front batch of tulips are mutant-tulips. Unfortunately, this is difficult to see on this particular photo.

And every time I get new books I have to post pictures of them. Perhaps my relationship to books is not really healthy, but since we just moved, and I don't see us moving until perhaps in... two-three years from now, I somehow think I can buy new books. Excuses, excuses... But they were cheap, okay? And I actually put two away, Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness and another book I can't remember the title of.

The French book I bought indirectly. A friend of mine went to Belgium, and a friend who goes to a French speaking country without buying books for me is not a real friend. Reading the blurb (it hurts my soul to use that word...) made me think of Jean Giono, which made me realize I want to read more of his books (I may have some, perhaps, possibly). I think I need to go to France soon, anyway.

I have posted earlier about Jens Bjørneboe (#1, #2), the magic Jens Bjørneboe. Three of his books on sale? Irresistible. One of them is an erotic tale that he got prosecuted for. Mmm, free-spirited Norway.

I have previously read Dreams Of My Russian Summers by Andrei Makiné, and I enjoyed it. Seeing another one of his books practically for free made it an easy decision...

I leave you with this, which I found thanks to one of the members of the LanguageLearners Forum.


  1. Remind me reading Wuthering Hights in a month or so. ;)

  2. Parfois je rêve des choses bizarres. Par example, lire tous les livres dans cette liste:


  3. Combien de ces livres as-tu lu jusqu'à présent? ;)