Monday, May 2, 2011

Busy times ahead.

I promised Vera I would show some photos of my notes from my Slavic language history class. The exam is in a month, so I had better start learning all these rules. I'm not at all worried about the part where we have to read a text in old Slavic, but memorizing rules... not my favorite thing to do, unfortunately. Posting may become somewhat sparse here in the time to come since I have to write two more essays (one includes reading quite a lot), prepare for this exam and the translation exam, pass a smaller literature exam in eight days and somehow try to read some fiction. I have now missed two 1-book-a-week books :S

This is the most recent text I've been reading, on how Oleg took Kiev in 882. Doesn't it look pretty?

And happy news! I got my Bible from the Ukraine a couple days ago. Once again, I love eBay. When exams are over I'm going to have some fun with this one and the old church Slavonic textbook I read through.

I never post photos of my cats anymore. Let's change that.

Also, I kind of have a problem with Blogger. Every time I use the non-HTML version of the text editor, the text changes into some Indian script every time I press space. Anyone know why that is?


  1. Your notes look nice and not messy at all ;) You haven't seen my notes! Though, I don't make many and have already forgotten how to write so your handwriting looks calligraphic :)
    How did you put the cat behind the books? O_o
    Did you study shinalese some time ago??

  2. Came expecting more cat.

  3. The cats love to climb in behind the books in various bookshelves. That, and they are both rather small cats.

    I just looked a bit at Sinhala while on Sri Lanka. Also got the books on that occassion, just in case I'd ever want to learn it.

    Sorry about that Gösta :D

  4. Wooow! I really would like to see more of your bookshelves!! :-)

  5. Strastnaya! I thought you had disappeared forever :) Following your request there are more shelves in the new post ;)

  6. Nooo, of course not! Je te suis toujours, et je suis très heureuse à chaque fois que tu écris quelquechose sur le blog!
    Merci pour les photos!! :-)))