Friday, September 14, 2012

Small photo post.

Kiev is still great.

There's a new cat bothering me at the computer.


  1. Those covers look like pure magic! Too bad I can't just throw the titles into the Goodreads search engine. They're probably in Russian? Although you could easily trick me into believing they're Fae.;p

    You have a beautiful blog. I will definitely be back to read your posts.:)


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  3. I just realized who you are! :D I don't write a lot here lately since I got addicted to Goodreads, but I did get an idea for a post recently, so I will probably get back to the blog :)

    The book titles are mostly in Ukrainian, some in Russian :) Some of them exist in multiple other languages, some are... probably only Ukrainian. One is actually "Emmanuelle" (i.e. this one translated into Russian! (I like to collect European erotica on my Slavic journeys. I've got Venus in Furs, Justine and Emmanuelle so far.) Another is "Lolita". The rest are obscure Ukrainian books!