Saturday, September 28, 2013

A call for translators!

In case you didn't know, there's an awesome language site called Parleremo. It's a language community that features many of the functions other sites have - but it collects them all at one place. Here are some of the things you can do:

* Write journal posts and have them corrected by other members.
* Discuss any language in the forums.
* Play language related games.
* Keep a language learning log and share your progress with the community.
* Find language exchange partners.
* Read grammar courses and practice vocabulary.
* Find tons and tons of links to media sites, courses, etc.
* Share language related files.
* Watch videos.
* Read reviews of language related books.
* Read texts in various languages in dual-reading mode.

A lot of this is only possible due to member participating. And here's where the call for translators comes in. I am currently trying to collect literary texts to add to the library at Parleremo, to the "Readings"-section. These are ordinary literary texts - no easy reader or such things, but texts for intermediate to advanced learners. The texts I have access to, by authors Ais and Dani Alexander so far, are in English and need to be translated in to other languages.

Here's what I'm looking for:

* People willing to translate texts (300 words, 700 words, 1800 words - you can choose, and these are just the first texts being added)
* People who have written texts they wish to share (all languages are welcome)
* New members who'll help us get more activity to the site

So! Sign up if you have any interest in languages! And if you want to translate or contribute with texts, please send me a PM (my nick is tricours), e-mail me, or leave a comment with your e-mail... or anything really! 


  1. This looks like a really good opportunity for translator. I might pass this post along. Do you translate for novels as well, Rebecka? I'm an author and I'm always looking for ways to spread the word about my books in different languages.

    1. Sorry, my blog has kind of fallen into disuse, so I forgot to reply! I would love to translate novels, but those kinds of jobs are quite rare it seems; so far I've translated extracts from Bulgakov and Dostoyevsky ;) After Christmas I will be unemployed though, so then I will most likely be all GIVE ME WORK SOMEONE.