Saturday, March 6, 2010

Feeding the Russophilia

Great news! Søstrene Grene opened a store in Oslo, on Karl Johan. Great store, great stuff, great prices! I just couldn't help buying these two.

On another note, has anyone read Наталия Толстая? I've been reading her collection of short stories entitled Одна forever, and even though I have been enjoying it rather much, I must admit that I'm getting a bit tired of it. Each and every one of the short stories has an air of gloom about it, and the (as I perceive it) somewhat condescending tone of the narrator is ever present. All of her main characters seem to have lost all interest in life and the narrator makes an art out of describing how pointless their existence is (and how lonely). Funnily enough, the author seems to have a certain connection to Sweden, because several of the stories are about Swedish or Sweden; how naïve them Swedes are with their idyllic image of Russia, that mysterious Russia that of course no one can understand (and this seems to be something that only goes for Russia) - certainly no foreigners. And of course, about what health freaks the Swedes are and how unfeminine the women are. There's also a general resentment against men, even though the narrator seems to pity them more than anything else.

Still, it's very good reading, and much more difficult than Dostoyevsky or any of the classics. I just kind of look forward to finishing it...


  1. Jeg underviser i norsk for fremmedspråklige. :)

    Og elsker Tatjana Tolstaja, liker spesielt mange av de tidligere novellene hennes - hun har noen fine om livet i Leningrad, bl.a. under beleiringen.

  2. (svarer her for å unnvike forvirring ;))

    Jeg angrer så på at jeg ikke er i Sverige og kunne gjøre noe lignende :(

    Jeg har lest en novelle til Tatjana Tolstaja, nettopp om St Petersburg. Den var fryktelig vanskelig; meget, meget poetisk! Men det virker som om hun er mer populær enn Natalija Tolstaja, eller... jeg har hørt mange snakke om Tatjana, men ingen sier noe om Natalija! Jeg ser nå at de sammen skrevet Двое, den som kom før Одна.

  3. Отличный кот! :)
    У моего такой же взгляд, но шерсть белая.

    » what health freaks the Swedes are and how unfeminine the women are

    Предрассудки это плохо в любом случае.

  4. Вы не читали о Гадамере и его герменевтике? Он считает, что без предрассудков мы ничего не можем понимать. Предрассудки нам нужны, а потом надо их... раскусить ;)