Wednesday, March 17, 2010


There is very little language learning activity going on here right now, mainly because I have constantly got some essay to work on for university, or a heap of Russian exercises to do and Russian grammar rules to memorize. However, I am going to France! Not for very long, it's just a prolonged weekend in April, but it will be excellent anyway. I kind of feel like it's my responsibility to visit the countries of my languages every now and then, and France is very very cheap to go to, so it would be stupid to not go. Russia is a whole other deal, and I would feel much more lost in Hungary than in France. This time I'm going to Paris, where I've already been a couple of times, but it's such a big city that I can still go there many times. I'm going there together with Sasha, so it will be a perfect combination of Russian and French!

On the photo above you can see something completely unrelated, notably my latest attempt at Russian cooking, including a mushroom salad with horse radish sour cream, a салат Столичный or Оливье, and chicken soup with buckwheat (not very visible) together with a very fine bottle of Saint-Emilion Grand Gru Château Fombrauge 1997 (not very Russian!) that went straight to our heads.

It's important to not only get lost in the language, right?

Next time, I'm making пельмени. I would just like a good recipe first, one that someone can vouch for, since the last time I made them I wanted to kill the person behind the dough recipe...


  1. Wow! Lucky you travelling to Paris! I´m saving for my first trip to Russia...:)

  2. But aren't you rather close to Paris? :) An email will be coming your way... soon!

  3. Yes, I am but I cannot travel as often as I would like to! :)