Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More beer.

Speaking of beer, I just had to share some of Sweden's finest beer commercials. This is a series of humorous commercials for Norrlands Guld, "the gold of Norrland" (Norr = north, land = land, the northern parts of Sweden, which is where I'm from). The slogan is "when you want to be yourself for a while".

Many of these are pretty understandable even if you don't understand Swedish.

The first, and unforgettable one:

Making fun of Stockholm and people from Stockholm.

One that makes fun of the "scho", which in Norrländska means "yes". Ingressive speech, I once wrote a post about it.

Dating in Norrland :D

This Spendrups commercial is also excellent, but you do have to understand Swedish in order to fully enjoy it, and it features one of Sweden's best comedians, who is convinced his fulöl (uglybeer) is better than Spendrups.


  1. Hi there :) I must say your blog is lovely.
    From the ages of 12-16 I learned German and French at high school (getting A grade in both) then I became immersed in 6th form life and then onto University and language took a backseat and with Biology being my love.
    I've decided to stay faithful to my long lost love for languages and get back with French and German slowly but surely, and try and take Norwegian on too.

    Best wishes, Nikki x

  2. Thank you very much! Knowing some German will definitely help with Norwegian, you should really give it a try :)