Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Syttende mai.

The other day was the 17th of May, which in Norway is a serious business. It's the Norwegian National Day or Constitution Day and it's celebrated rather violently compared to many other countries. This is just going to be a photo post, showing the national costumes Norwegians wear on this day. In general, people are rather happy if it's not too hot on the 17th of May since a big part of them walk around in many layers of wool. These costumes cost thousands of euros and each region has its own costume.

For those who party on this day, the festivities start at like 10 in the morning. The 18th of May is an ordinary working day, so it's a good idea to already be hung over by the evening, with the hope of having recovered in the morning.

There are plenty of flags on the 17th of May.

(I was trying to take a photo the girl with the bonnet in the background...)


  1. I don't see you on the photos. Do you have a bunad? I'm guessing it must exist in Sweden as well.

  2. No, I'm not in any of the pictures, and I don't have a bunad, because we don't have them in Sweden. The only ones that have them are now 80 or 90 years old :-) the Norwegian bunad was part of the nationbuilding in the 19th century if I'm not mistaken , whereas in Sweden we have never needed any such thing because we have always been independent so even if they exist and have never been put to that much use in modern times.

  3. Picture number three from the top: Nice cleavage shot (and a decent alibi as well)