Friday, July 3, 2009


So, this is my first Hungarian recording, inspired by Cathy.
It was damned hard, I so am not used to speaking this language -_-

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  1. Well, it sounded like I imagine Hungarian to sound like. So bravo Tricours. Bravo.

  2. It was great! Bravo! :-)
    When you said "holland orvosok" and "ennek ellenére", you sounded exactly like a native speaker.

    What you need to pay attention to is the distinction between long and short sounds (both consonants and vowels), and the c sound (which is exactly the same as German z).

    But why on earth did you choose an article about the effect of coffee on diabetes?? (BTW I think that seven cups a day is a bit extreme!)

  3. You are alive!! :)
    Köszönöm szépen a kommentárát! I will pay more attention to those things :)
    I had just read that article, that's why I chose it. It was of a good length as well!

  4. Hey, it was really nice!!! :) Congrats!! I agree with Halabund, the only thing you really should pay more attention to is long/short vowels. Otherwise, chapeau! :D