Monday, July 13, 2009

Nonfiction books.

Not everyone likes to read fiction, something which can be very unfortunate of course, but that's just the way it is. It seems that a lot of the people who do not like great literature can on the other hand enjoy some science fiction or fantasy, so even if they cannot be made to read Dostoyevsky, they may accept Douglas Adams (and why not in a Russian English edition with pictures?) or Terry Pratchett, just to take some examples. However, if you are into a bigger language, such as Russian, you can use reading extensively in your studies without ever touching any filthy fiction, and without having to go to Russia in order to find books (even though that is much nicer than reading something off a screen).

AvaxHome is here to save us, or them, since I for one do not mind fiction. At this extraordinary, albeit ugly and slightly impractical, site, you can find books about everything. For Russian, that is actually true: cooking, airplanes, programming, maths, physics, chess, makeup, history, literature, languages, aviation, health... this could continue forever. I haven't browsed the site for other languages that very much, but I suppose that their categories aren't that bad either.

These are the books I found today while going through the feeds in my RSS reader:

Неизвестный СССР. Противостояние народа и власти 1953-1985 (The unknown USSR. The opposition of the people and the authorities 1953-1985)
Сказания о начале славянской письменности (The story of the beginning of the Slavic written language.)
Русские обряды и традиции - Народная кукла (Russian ceremonies and traditions -the folk doll)
Быт и нравы Древней Руси (Way of life and customs of the ancient Rus')
Русские руны (Russian runes)

All this is excellent, now I just have to find some time in order to read them.

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