Monday, June 22, 2009

Another link...

For those of you interested in reading as a means of learning a language, doooo check out this thread and download all the parallel text (complete books) that are of interest to you before the person who is uploading them gets banned from the Forum again. There are lots of different languages, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Italian, German, Japanese, Hungarian, French, Chinese, Csezh...

These texts are intended for Listening-Reading, but you can just read them on their own as well ;)


  1. Nifty. I never really read that thread past it's first page. I suppose that it's because I don't L-R or parrallel text things. I'm just happy to sit down and read a normal book.

  2. C'est ça le problème quand on suppose que les fils de discussion parlent en fait de ce qu'ils sont censés traiter ! Et les textes parallèles sont très utiles quand on ne peut pas encore utiliser des textes complètes.

  3. Reading as a means of learning a language? What madness is this?