Friday, June 12, 2009

Norwegian women - dying for attention?

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Lately in Norway two rather... colourful women have shown up. They express what is seen (from a mainstream point of view) as outrageous opinions and I must admit that they are pretty courageous. Of course, they get picked on quite a lot, but what better way to get attention when you have no real skills?

First out was a charming lady named Nina Karin Monsen who is against homosexuals, non Christian living, etc. She claims that all children are born religious and that keeping them away from God (through, for example, god awful homosexual parents) is a sin. She actually got a 400 000 NOK (44 000€) price for her "contribution to a freer debate" in Norway, and she calls herself a "philosopher" and an "author", although judging from this review, she really is neither. (The title of the review is "Awarded impartiality" and it mainly deals with how incredibly poorly written her book is.)

Now, in Godless Norway, claiming that standardized Christian families is the norm and that all the rest are sinful libertines (or something like that) is most likely just going to make people laugh. However, for me it is quite offensive that she got such a large sum of money for something that anyone could have put together by just deciding to go against all modern day values in an open minded society. If it had been a well written, well presented - I saw her on TV once, she couldn't discuss or present anything in a coherent, concise way for the life of her - I would have been able to accept it. But dammit, we were better at these things in high school when we were assigned "opposite opinions" (from our own) and were made to speak against abortion or for death punishment, etc.

I do wonder how she would have been "greeted" in Sweden. I really, really doubt she would have gotten anywhere there. Norway is more conservative than Sweden, for those of you who thought the Scandinavian countries were all just one big country.

That's today's first outspoken Norwegian woman, let's continue with the second one.

It was actually today that we got the pleasure of discovering yet another such lady. Not the same opinions of course, this one is not really that blatantly religious and intolerant, but the idea is the same. Perhaps she also wants 44 000€ and decided to just change the message a bit? Her name is Hanne Nabintu Herland, she is Norwegian but grew up in different parts of Africa, and she is a [something] in Religious History with a focus on Islam. Do just click her name to see the picture, that alone would make most people a bit scared.

So, what is she talking about? Well, she completely understands why Norwegian men prefer Thai women or Russian women to Norwegian women; those women like sex and know how to cook! Let's take some quotes from the article (she said these things at a Christian meeting...):

"It's about time to give up the feminist struggle. There are so many horrible Norwegian women. Sometimes women should just be quiet and do what the man tells them to."

"Other cultures are better at training the women to satisfy the man sexually. Men need their sex, and women should take care to satisfy them."

Let's just say other religious people do not really support her whole heartedly, but at least a fair share of men who read that article of course thought she was spot on!

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